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Super excited to share this wonderful news with you guys! 

Vogue Germany published a breathtaking online city special where they share insights & tips for different cities around the world. San Francisco is one of them and I got featured for Street Stye in San Francisco.The San Francisco special was created by the talented Julia Sperling.

Bag: Michael Kors //Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger // Shorts: H&M // Shirt: Massimo Dutti // Glasses: Jcrew 


Apps I Love - Poshmark

You need to leave your apartment soon but there is one tiny issue between you and your date, party or brunch. All of a sudden you have nothing to wear... Who doesn’t know the feeling of having a filled drawer but the moment you need to dress up you realize that you have nothing to wear. Seems like a never ending problem no matter how much you keep buying :)
A very good solution to this problem can potentially be the Poshmark app. Poshmark is a super simple and fun way to sell and buy fashion. Why not just selling all the clothes that are lying in your drawer and earn some money for new ones?

How does it work?
Snap a photo of the item you want to sell with your iPhone or Android device, add a filter, a short description and the price and done. When your item sells on Poshmark they provide a pre-paid & pre-addressed label. Now you only have to drop it off at a USPS store. Once the buyer gets the item you can either get a check or use your credit to buy new stuff on Poshmark. 

Why to love this app?
Poshmark makes room for new clothes and you can earn money simultaneously. Sell your used clothes in minutes and you don't even have to worry about shipping. Lastly use your earned money to discover and shop new clothes either on Poshmark or your favorite shop.


The Weekly Awesome #12

I feel I put all my desires into this week's collection. Clearly most items already feel like fall....I know, but the last couple of days in San Francisco was freezing cold so my mood shifted from short dresses and sandals to warm and cozy clothes.

Shifting back to summer these items are also a great add on for breezy summer days & nights.

1. Biker Jacket from h&m 59,95$ // 2. Ear rings from Nasty Gal 18$ // 3. Tshirt from yoox 31$ // 4. Nike shoes found at Jcrew 85$ // 5. Felt hat from Asos 38,69$ // 6. grey jeans from TopShop 75$ 

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